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New Parents Group

This group is geared towards mothers of babies age 0-3 months who are looking for an open and honest environment to discuss the transition into motherhood. Every week we will discuss developmental milestones  and other experiences you may encounter in the first few months with your baby. This is a great place to meet other local moms with babies of similar age, make some friends and create a strong support group 


Please check back for upcoming sessions 


$50.00 for 4 week session

   **cash or check will be collected at first class


Baby Sleep Basics

This hour long class is for both parents-to-be and those with babies already at home. We will discuss baby sleep development, the amount of sleep your baby needs, forming good sleep habits and how to problem solve when your baby just won't sleep! 

Please check back for upcoming classes



   **cash or check will be collected at class

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